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Snowflake formation is a dynamic process.  While all snowflakes tend to have six sides, there are no two alike.  If we look close enough, there is a unique form for each crystal: partly due to chemistry and partly to the ever-changing environment.

Brand Crystal SnowflakeBrand Crystal snowflakeBrand Crystal snowflake

Similarly, during our brand crystallization process, we collect and synthesize data from both internal and external sources.  This typically includes management interviews, an employee survey, customer research, communications & touch point audits, and a competitive assessment.

Through a series of highly interactive work sessions, we will create a unique BRAND CRYSTAL that clarifies what your brand (organization, products, and/or services) stands for today and what it aspires to be in the future.  The BRAND CRYSTAL will become the inspiration and filter for all of your communications and delivery of the brand experience.

The BRAND CRYSTAL consists of six dimensions that must be in alignment themselves to maximize their attractive forces:

  • Mission            organization’s reason for existing
  • Vision               aspirational goals for the future
  • Values              beliefs that unite and drive behaviors
  • Attribute           functional and emotional benefits
  • Personality       the type of person the brand represents
  • Tone of Voice   the communications style of the brand

While a dust particle is at the center of a real snowflake, the Positioning is at the heart of the brand:

  • Positioning       the big idea that is unique and ownable

Unlike a dust particle that might make one sneeze or be considered a nuisance, the Positioning statements we have created have been known to cause jealousy and reduce market share for competitors. And, customers (both new and current) have expressed their delight in knowing they found “the one”.