Feedback received from clients and partners over the years focus on high quality and commitment to their success:

Brand Equity Assessment

The quantitative global brand equity assessment for Avid and its multiple sub-brands was a very complex project including 8 brands, 4 countries, customers & prospects, and the need for a statistically significant sample (approximately 3,200 completed surveys in total).  Allan DeYoung and his team were able to achieve all of our goals and even meet a deadline that required the final report to be delivered 3 weeks earlier than anticipated.  As a result, our senior executive team led by our CEO was equipped to make critical decisions regarding the overall branding of the company and how to strategically approach the portfolio of sub-brands.
Director of Strategic and Business Planning, Avid Technology

With our business down 25%, we realized it needed to make some changes to regain market share.We engaged Allan DeYoung and Brand Crystal to appraise our brand & service equity and benchmark us versus competition.  Armed with a wealth of new information and recommendations—some anticipated and several completely unexpected—we made significant changes to our pricing structure, customer relationship management practices and communications strategy.  As a result, our 2010 business is currently tracking 25% ahead of last year and our pipeline potential is outstanding. 
Senior Vice President of Marketing, AIFS/Camp America

Corporate and Product Identity

Allan DeYoung played a pivotal role in the re-branding of Educational Alliance, a long-standing organization that has been reshaped and modernized in recent years.  Allan brought many skills and attributes to the project — clear and creative thinking, professionalism, understanding of the nonprofit sector and a results-focused mentality.
CFO, Educational Alliance

Your team delivered an awesome package of name exploration and testing, with outstanding results. The naming team performed well, providing an excellent creative brief and a super collection of 50 naming candidates that had survived preliminary legal checking. The customer research was the greatest.  Allan DeYoung skillfully architected questions that gave us both quantitative and qualitative results and then analyzed findings with great insight so that we had an actionable result.
Managing Director, The Calyx Group

Allan’s strategic branding vision and hands-on marketing knowledge has been an asset for our clients. He excels at client service.
Partner, TippingSprung

He is a great team player who leads with enthusiasm and skill. Allan DeYoung has amazing focus, which allows him to keep projects on track with continued cooperation from all participants.
Director of Brand Strategy, CoreBrand

Allan brought a fresh perspective on how to revitalize the American Jewish Joint Distribution (JDC) brand. We worked very closely on developing signature communications pieces (video, audio, and print) that positively impacted the organization internally (staff and board members) and cut through the clutter of the highly competitive fundraising business. Most importantly, he truly made a difference for the people who relied on JDC for services.
Global Creative Director, JDC

Moderation and Product Positioning

Allan is a pleasure to work with. Despite having observed and participated in dozens of rounds of primary research over the years, I still continue to learn something new from Allan DeYoung while watching him every time I see him in action as a moderator or managing moderators. He’s an expert in getting respondents to reveal their true intentions as well as the basis for their various opinions. In addition to deftly managing the wide range of diverse personalities that are typically on display in a focus group, Allan’s summaries after each session are clear, comprehensive & insightful.
New Business Director, Time Inc.

Olive engaged Allan to help validate some new positioning concepts we crafted for a tricky and expanding new market segment–Organic Foods. We wanted to help our client achieve peace of mind that we were proposing the up-scale product correctly as the centerpiece of a great dinning experience for family and friends. Allan designed a solid research model, moderated a number of very targeted focus groups, and developed insights and recommendations that our client found invaluable. I firmly believe Allan DeYoung played a very crucial role in helping La Cense go to market with the correct brand positioning.
CEO, Olive Media

The focus group work we did to better understand the structure and content on our vacation catalogs was just excellent. The feedback we received was very constructive due to how the discussion was planned and guided by Allan. Taking what we had learned from the focus groups, the redesigned catalogs have increased qualified response rates. And the members have been much happier with the catalog now!
We also used Allan DeYoung to develop an ongoing semi-annual survey of the membership. They helped us think through the process and write the questions in a way we would have actionable recommendations from the members. The survey data was analyzed thoroughly and report was well written and well received by our Board of Directors. 
I have enjoyed our association with Allan and his team. Their work is thorough and dependable. If you are considering doing research of some kind, you will do well to use them. 
SVP Sales & Marketing, Ensemble Travel Group

Allan has that unique ability to remain neutral while facilitating a group which encourages the participants to open up and get to their true feelings about the subject being discussed. I worked with many people who claim the talent but can’t deliver at this level.  Allan has the gift of being able to make people feel comfortable in a group session. Because of this “comfort zone” he creates the participants are more open and honest with their responses. The report Allan produced was an insightful analysis of the volumes of data we collected. It significantly and positively impacted the results of our Branding project.
Sr. Vice President, FKQ Marketing

Direct Marketing

Allan’s knowledge, skills, and experiences enabled him to rapidly become a steward for the BMG Music Service build. Due to his customer research insights and branding recommendations, the user experience was designed from a very solid strategic platform.
User Experience Specialist, iXL/Razorfish

He has a high level of professionalism, integrity and knowledge. He focuses on long-range results while still keeping an eye on the details along the way. Allan DeYoung was instrumental in developing several new and successful subscriber-generating initiatives.
Manager, Home Box Office