Add More Logos to the Meh List

The US Postal Service (USPS) introduced a new design for the Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express (formerly Express Mail) shipping materials. Yes, the simple look is an improvement in streamlining and clarity between the two services but lacking in many ways.

usps priority mail logobefore                    after

Its retro or hipster design reminds of the 1940s military era that seems out of touch with today’s desired image for the US. Plus, why reinforce the past when USPS is trying to compete versus more profitable and successful UPS and FedEx? While I applaud USPS for the necessary redesign, there was a missed opportunity to ensure that these two package options are part of the total brand identity instead of looking quite different from all other options and especially the website.

USPS label

USPS ready post

USPS website

And the brand agency’s recommendation (on the right) was watered down (on the left) to make it less bold, interesting, and special.  I recognize that less ink is less costly but just charge us an extra penny 🙂  Overall, just meh.

usps shipping boxes

final                    recommended


Recently, Milton Glaser who created the “I Love NY” logo designed a new look to raise awareness of climate change. A new tagline attempts to shift the conversation from “global warming” to a more dramatic “It’s Not Warming, It’s Dying”. Some critics say that this new language is off-base because the earth is not dying but the people are dying and not as relevant as linking to the impact on our basic needs for survival: air, water, and food. According to Glaser, “the logo represents Earth, with the bright green symbolizing life and the smoky black showing the deadly effects of climate change.” So symbolically the green or “life” is being reduced to a small slice…earth is dying.



The interpretation is quite compelling but a dark green marble leaves me at meh…wanting more of a lightning rod to ignite people to understand and do more.