SHOES First smart & connected safety boots for construction type workers. GUM Caffeine Gum (is back) PERSONAL CARE MORROR offers access to face-care tutorials on the mirror REPURPOSING Recycle gum into pencils, Frisbees and boomerangs, sports cones, and lunch boxes Upcycle Westin Hotel bed sheets into children’s pajamas — many of

The Good: Fire Hydrants As a former volunteer fire fighter, I dreaded using the crusty old red fire hydrants. A 2013 report states that 1 in 7 fire hydrants in Newark, New Jersey, are non-functioning. Finally, Sigelock Spartan has re-engineered and re-designed the hydrant. In fact, it is maintenance-free…no more leaking, rusting, re-painting…and tamper-free to

The US Postal Service (USPS) introduced a new design for the Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express (formerly Express Mail) shipping materials. Yes, the simple look is an improvement in streamlining and clarity between the two services but lacking in many ways. before                    after Its retro

To me the Summer is about fun and brightness.  Luckily, there are still several days left because the following five new identities should have waited until the darkest days of Winter to be revealed or kept hidden and written off as a Summer fling. MICROSOFT I can understand that Microsoft wants to create a special variation

Just as nature is about renewal during the Spring, many companies have taken the opportunity to express the season of rejuvenation through re-branding. Here are several examples of companies that are trying to update their communications and strengthen connections with their customers: DRAMATIC REPOSITIONING AVID I had the personal pleasure of working with Avid on

The recent failure of the re-designed Tropicana Pure Premium orange juice carton reminded me of the New Coke about-face.  I find it amusing that PepsiCo—the conglomerate that includes the Tropicana brand—did not learn from Coca-Cola’s mistakes.  Especially since each product is considered “The Real Thing” in their category. Both companies conducted research and claimed that the findings

My clients over the years have expressed their delight in knowing they found “the one”… a unique, relevant, and compelling positioning platform that became the inspiration and filter for all of their communications and delivery of the brand experience.   That feeling reminds me of when you are in snowstorm and amidst all of the falling snowflakes